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Orin-Based Edge AI Developer Kit & System

Full-Featured AI Application

AI Application

Accelerated Deployment


Budget Friendly


Flexible Integration Options

Flexible Integration

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Camera Ecosystem Partners

Sick Sensor Intelligence
LIPS Sense the World

AIE Series Application Solution and Use-Case

AMR Operations

AMR Operations



Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring 

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Watch Our Best Solutions

  • Agriculture: Precision Farming and Crop Monitoring
  • Medical: Immediate Imaging and Diagnostics
  • Retail: Smart Shopping Cart for Seamless Customer Experience
  • AMR: Object Detection and Real-Time Decision-Making
  • Robotic Arms: To Control and Optimize Precise Movements

NVIDIA System Development Kit



Fanless Edge AI System with NVIDIA® Jetson
Orin™ Nano or Orin™NX SoM
1 HDMI, 1 GbE LAN, 1 GbE PoE, and 2 USB,
Remote Management Service Empowered by Allxon


Edge AI Developer Kit with NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano,
Orin™ NX, or Xavier™ NX SoM
1 HDMI, 1 GbE LAN, 1 GbE PoE, and 2 USB,
NVIDIA JetPack Full Development Support

Axiomtek Services and Integration Support

30 Years of
OEM/ODM Experience

Reliable Hardware Integration
and Technical Support

USA-Based Design
Engineering Services

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Axiomtek has experienced extraordinary growth in the past 30 years because of our people, our years of learning which resulted in our tremendous industry experience, and our desire to deliver well-rounded, easy-to-integrate solutions to our customers. These factors have influenced us to invest in a growing team of engineers including software, hardware, firmware and application engineers. For the next few decades, our success will be determined by our ability to lead with unique technologies for AIoT and serve our key markets with innovatively-designed solution packages of hardware and software – coupled with unmatched engineering and value-added services that will help lessen the challenges faced by our systems integrator, OEM and ODM customers and prospects alike. We will continue to enlist more technology partners and increase collaborations with our growing ecosystem who are leaders in their fields. With such alliances, we will create synergy and better deliver solutions, value and the expertise our customers need.